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Zhuhai Diggers Electronic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Founded in 2002, the company focuses on the development and manufacture of CNC multi axis automatic winding machine and other non-standard automatic equipment in the production field of winding products. The company has independent intellectual property rights and registered trademark "Digas". Products are widely used in electronic transformer, relay, inductor coil, mobile phone motor coil, stepping motor, mid cycle coil, laser head coil, high voltage ignition coil, voice coil, VCM motor related electronic products manufacturing enterprises. For the convenience of market development, in 2006, we officially registered a company: Zhuhai Nikko industrial automation equipment Co., Ltd. With Digas as the brand. Build an international influential brand.

The company pays attention to Talent Gathering and training, and has a R & D and management team with solid technology, rich experience and courage to innovate; on the basis of introducing Japanese technology, combined with its own technical advantages, the company has developed its own personalized winding machine. Whether it is mechanical and electrical structure, or program software; whether it is electrical circuit, or machine assembly, installation and debugging, are completed by the company.

Our machine program adopts the Chinese operating system independently developed. Simple and easy to operate. The mechanical structure is reasonable, and the main body is made of all cast parts. It has the characteristics of good rigidity, high speed, high precision, stable performance and durability. Cost performance has been recognized by the majority of users, and won the praise of customers.

Up to now, more than 10000 "Zhuhai Digas" brand machines have been sold to the market. Customers generally report that these machines work stably and efficiently. Now the products are sold well in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Pan Pearl River Delta, Shandong Peninsula, and exported to Southeast Asia, India and other foreign markets.

Degas electronic company adheres to the business philosophy of "opening up market with quality, seeking development with innovation and sincere service". With the strong technical force accumulated over the years, we are constantly developing innovative products to cope with the changes and diversification of the market. With high quality, reasonable cost performance, perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, we have won the unanimous praise of our customers. We firmly believe that the use of "Digas" products can improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results!