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Zhuhai Diggers Electronic Co., Ltd

Tel: 0756-2216138; 2217998

Fax: 0756-2217138

Contact person: 13823062919 (manager Liang)


Address: East floor 4, No. 353, Meihua East Road, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai (next to the prevention and control center)

Dongguan Office

Tel: 0769-8533 8051

Fax: 0769-8531 9736

Mobile: 189 2436 3877 (manager Li)


11F, building 4, Xiaobian Zhonghui new town, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Zhongshan Office

Contact person: Manager Li 13680384288


Jiangsu Office

Contact person: manager Pan

Mobile: 18666981688

Shandong Office 

Contact person: manager Liu

Mobile: 18825626138

Shantou Office

Contact person: Manager Xu

Mobile: 18825626138

After sales department

After sales maintenance 1: qq2853905902

After sales maintenance 2: qq2853905903

Sales of accessories and fixtures: qq2853905904