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What are the differences between single layer winding and double layer winding of automatic winding
What are the differences between single layer winding and double layer winding of automatic winding

Characteristics of single layer automatic winding machine

It is much easier to embed single-layer winding in AC motor than double-layer winding and single double-layer hybrid winding, but its winding forms are various.

No matter which type of single-layer winding, it has the following characteristics:

1. Only one effective side of the coil is embedded in each slot of the single-layer winding. The number of coils of the winding is equal to half of the total number of slots. The number of coils is small, and the winding and embedding are convenient and time-saving.

2. Because there is only one effective side in the tank, no interlayer insulation is needed, which reduces the possibility of phase to phase short circuit in the tank.

3. The utilization rate of the tank is high.

4. The two ends of the winding coil are not easy to be treated neatly.

5. Poor electrical performance.

Characteristics of double layer automatic winding machine

The double-layer winding generally has a real double-layer winding, which is usually referred to as the double-layer winding, that is, two coil sides are indeed placed in each slot. But there is also a form of single and double-layer winding. In terms of the form of this kind of winding, some grooves are single-layer, some grooves are double-layer, and the surface is not double-layer winding; however, it is actually double-layer. It should be seen or understood that the other coil side in the single-layer groove is not without, but according to the requirements of the electrical performance of the motor, the number of turns on the side of this coil is small It can be ignored, so that the coil of this winding is considered as zero turn; therefore, when dealing with single and double-layer winding, the technical principle of arrangement of double-layer winding should still be followed. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The number of turns is equal to the total number of slots. The upper and lower layers of each slot are inlaid with one effective side of each coil, which is time-consuming.

2. Inter layer insulation should be added between the upper and lower coils in the tank, and the utilization ratio of the tank is relatively low.

3. Phase to phase short circuit may occur.

4. The better pitch can be selected, the wave form of the electric potential and magnetic field of the slot can be improved, and the electrical performance of the motor can be improved.

5. The end of winding coil is neat and beautiful.

According to the difference between single-layer winding and double-layer winding of automatic winding machine, you can choose the products suitable for your own automatic winding machine.