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Two methods of wire wrapping of automatic winder
Two methods of wire wrapping of automatic winder

There are two methods of wire wrapping in the production line. In order to make the wire winding neat and regular, the automatic wire winding machine also needs to clamp the plastic film with inlaid groove on the iron core before winding. The advantage of semi-automatic full-automatic winding machine is that it can adapt to enameled wire with different wire diameters manually. The disadvantage of semi-automatic full-automatic winding machine is that the wire package is looser and the volume is slightly larger.

The working process of the automatic winder is: there is a storage wheel with a cotter pin on the automatic winder, take down the cotter pin, insert the core from the opening and make the center of the inner ring of the core align with the circumference of the storage wheel, close the cotter pin to store a certain amount of wire on the storage wheel, and then use the stored wire to coil the core. Whether the winding process is correct or not determines whether the automatic winding machine can normally wind the coil. An excellent winding process can provide processing efficiency.

Reduce the loss of wire, on the contrary, a wrong winding process makes the coil wound by the automatic winding machine not meet the design requirements. The automatic winding machine needs to use wire rod and framework during operation, and the normal supply of power supply is also very important. In the use environment with large voltage fluctuation, the automatic winding can cause abnormal temperature rise, overheating and abnormal electrical control system The controller of automatic winder is a very precise control system, which has higher requirements for power supply. Customers with conditions should have a dedicated circuit for power supply, and the circuit terminal should be equipped with a voltage regulator.

These materials play a very important role in the normal operation of the automatic winding machine. Poor enameled wire will lead to irregular wire arrangement, and the deformed skeleton will make the main axis of the automatic winding machine shake and the edge overlapped when winding.